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My All-time Favorites!

Today is a super-slow day at work, being that as I mentioned before, my job will be ceasing on July 28th. With that being said, most of the calls in this call center is being re-routed to the Philippines and Florida.

So as I sit here surfing the web as usual, a great idea popped in my head!!! I’d like to post my all-time favorite websites to share with you in no particular order:

1. (haha I made sure I put this one first JUST IN CASE I make it on Freshly Pressed, lol).

2. I know their journalism can be biased at times, and sometimes the articles they post can be quite un newsworthy, I basically like to look at the comments on the bottom of the page and get a good laugh. My co-workers usually ask what am I snickering about and I tell them, the news.

3. I have been using them for the last three to four years since I came to the realization that I too, can do my own taxes instead of paying those ridiculously high fees to have someone do it for me, especially when they are using the very SAME website!!!

4. Having been born and raised in NY(Long Island to be exact), I miss the crazy happenings in the Big Apple.  They also have the moste amusing, but rude comments as well.

I love these  three sites, probably the most!!! I need my daily bread, this is what gets me thru the good AND bad days!!! There’s nothing like being fed the Word when you’re hungry or thirsty, but not for food or drink. 




And also, I must mention some of the best inspirational and motivational quote sites that I use to post daily on my Facebook page.




11. Well, need I say more, lol!!!

12. you can follow me, melissavirgo…

13. It’s been a while since I’ve been on this urban gossip website but it’s a great site.

14. That is a great site for playlist like the one shown on this page, you can post to many social websites!!

15. I love this encyclopedia website!!! This is where I get a lot of my resources from when posting facts.

16. I like this site because when I hear a song on the radio, I can catch the lyrics, duh!!!

17. Gets me where I need to go!!

18. This is a good site to go on that has all the online information you need for the state, including employment opportunities.

19. A great dictionary source!!

I use these websites to job hunt.




23. I can get the local news from my own town here.

24. I love her website, I don’t care what ANYONE says, lol!!!

And last but definitely not least,

25. This is a cute site just to amuse yourself when you are bored while at work, hehe.

Well that’s all for now, my friends! Those aren’t ALL my favorite sites, just the ones worth mentioning. I hope you enjoy. Please share with me some of YOUR  favorites so I can add them to MY favorites!! Enjoy the day!!!


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Missing my hometown…

As I sit here on my day off, It’s my off days like these, when no one’s around except for my two kittens, Sonic and Gravy that I sometimes long to be back home on Long Island.

My father was from Alabama and my mom is from West Virginia. They met back in 1960, both living in NYC at the time. Shortly after they married, they moved to Bay Shore, next door to Entenmann’s bakery, then a one story shop, which of course has grown tremendously over the years.

After my oldest brother, Willie,  was born, my parents moved into their first house they bought while my mom was pregnant with my second brother, Wayne (or Brian as our  family calls him). They settled in Huntington, on a street where there were maybe two or three houses on the whole block! Finally I was born into the family which made ours complete.My brothers and I graduated from Walt Whitman HS.  We all attended college, both Willie and I choosing to stay on LI, while my brother Wayne went upstate, close to Canada.

My parents finally retired and moved back to Alabama, my brothers and I chose to stay here in Huntington. Evenually, Willie moved to Baltimore a year or so later, while Wayne, now married left to Florida for a career opportunity and I finally left four years ago with my four youngsters to live closer to my my mom now that my dad has passed away.

So here I am in Sweet Home Alabama!! I love it so much!! It reminds in a lot of ways of Long Island sans the heavy traffic (so long it’s not Game Day). Don’t get me wrong, moving here at first was very stressful. Trying to convince my older three kids that it was the right thing to do by taking them away from their only friends they’ve known all their lives was a challenge, let alone me trying to convince myself the same. At first it was a matter of the kids fitting in(“hey you’re from NY you think you’re the ish”), but I must say I am PROUD of they way they have adjusted!!!

So now we live in Tuscaloosa, not too far and not too close to University of Alabama, like I said pretty much like living on Long Island. The Downtown area near the college is similar to going to one of the Long Island villages, pretty busy 24/7  with shoppers, restaurants and bars.

USACE Bankhead Lock and Dam Alabama.jpgStillmanTigersLogo.png

Actually, truth be told, we live closer to Stillman College, walking distance. I’m hoping that is the college my children choose to go to, either that or UA. I have met a lot of people in the past four years living here and I must say, most of them have been nothing but NICE to me…and i’ts always a bonus to have that special person in my live who makes living here worthwhile!!! Thank you, Sunshine  for being you and sharing YOUR life with me and my family. You are a special, special part of me.

Anyway in closing, I miss NY but finally proud to say that my children and I are official Alabamians…..Roll Tide!!!

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