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My All-time Favorites!

Today is a super-slow day at work, being that as I mentioned before, my job will be ceasing on July 28th. With that being said, most of the calls in this call center is being re-routed to the Philippines and Florida.

So as I sit here surfing the web as usual, a great idea popped in my head!!! I’d like to post my all-time favorite websites to share with you in no particular order:

1. (haha I made sure I put this one first JUST IN CASE I make it on Freshly Pressed, lol).

2. I know their journalism can be biased at times, and sometimes the articles they post can be quite un newsworthy, I basically like to look at the comments on the bottom of the page and get a good laugh. My co-workers usually ask what am I snickering about and I tell them, the news.

3. I have been using them for the last three to four years since I came to the realization that I too, can do my own taxes instead of paying those ridiculously high fees to have someone do it for me, especially when they are using the very SAME website!!!

4. Having been born and raised in NY(Long Island to be exact), I miss the crazy happenings in the Big Apple.  They also have the moste amusing, but rude comments as well.

I love these  three sites, probably the most!!! I need my daily bread, this is what gets me thru the good AND bad days!!! There’s nothing like being fed the Word when you’re hungry or thirsty, but not for food or drink. 




And also, I must mention some of the best inspirational and motivational quote sites that I use to post daily on my Facebook page.




11. Well, need I say more, lol!!!

12. you can follow me, melissavirgo…

13. It’s been a while since I’ve been on this urban gossip website but it’s a great site.

14. That is a great site for playlist like the one shown on this page, you can post to many social websites!!

15. I love this encyclopedia website!!! This is where I get a lot of my resources from when posting facts.

16. I like this site because when I hear a song on the radio, I can catch the lyrics, duh!!!

17. Gets me where I need to go!!

18. This is a good site to go on that has all the online information you need for the state, including employment opportunities.

19. A great dictionary source!!

I use these websites to job hunt.




23. I can get the local news from my own town here.

24. I love her website, I don’t care what ANYONE says, lol!!!

And last but definitely not least,

25. This is a cute site just to amuse yourself when you are bored while at work, hehe.

Well that’s all for now, my friends! Those aren’t ALL my favorite sites, just the ones worth mentioning. I hope you enjoy. Please share with me some of YOUR  favorites so I can add them to MY favorites!! Enjoy the day!!!


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Do You Know How To…

Hey guys, a little something that I’ve been thinking about for a while that I’d thought I’d throw at you. While at the library a few weeks ago, my children and I were all on the computers. My 6 yr old (she’ll be 7 tomorrow, go Neva!) happened to be sitting next to me. While usually I concentrate on my own business at hand, I happened to glance over at her screen. Now, normally she’s doing the Nickelodoen thing, playing games or watching videos. Well, imagine my surprise when I looked over at her and saw this young lady on the screen with no shirt on dancing  around with no top on, showing folks how to design your own shirt! She was showing how you cut up the side of the shirt, make horizontal cuts and then tie the strips together so the sides of the shirt has holes!!! While the trend is unfamiliar, as my teenage girls have a few t-shirts of their own like that, I was just taken aback because I’m trying to figure out how the he!! did she happen upon that site and video!! Well, I figured out that part, when she logged on the computer, she must have hit the button to restore last session, so youtube popped up. And apparently she just clicked on any video that had been on the screen, because she surely did NOT type in “How to Design your T-shirt”! Of course I quickly directed her off that page and guided her to Nickelodeon, her familiar territy.

Now I find it amazing though that you can find instructions on ANYYTHING you need to know how to do. I’m talking about from A-Z, folks!! Here are some How to’s that I find amusing if not interesting…

1. How To Tie a Tie-Windsor Knot

-that might come in handy when my son finally starts dressing like a real young man when he goes to church instead of those pants to the ground.

2. How To Cut Your Own Hair

-well one might not want their 6 yr old looking at that kind of stuff just yet, what do u think?

3. How To Kiss Your Boyfriend For the First Time

-geeze, that might come in handy for my teenage girls, smh….

4. How To Roll a Blunt With a Cigarello

-thanks, well if I didn’t know, thank goodness now I do!!

5. How To Get Pregnant

-ok but they don’t tell you how to take care of  the kid once’s he/she’s arrived. Are you serious?

6. How To Get Rich On Farmville

-ok Facebook fam, this is just for you!!!

7. How To Make Homemade Lemonade

-finally, so my kids don’t scrunch up their face when I make my own remedy, lol!!

8. How to Stretch Your Shoes

-good, I’ll never have to buy them another pair until they walk down the graduation isle!!

9. How To Insert A Tampon

-isn’t dear ole Mom supposed to show us how to do that, ughhh!!! That is what I call TMI….

And now, something that I finally could get some us out of…..

10. How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

-yes, I knew if I searched long and hard enough I’d find a category that I could really really relate to, but then I’d have to make up my own video with the title….

11. How To Maintain Your Weight After Learning How to Quit Smoking On Youtube

-need I say more?

Well that’s it for me folks….I’m out!!!

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