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Hello? This is Admanjuk…I’m in Indonesia (via DatGurlBenz~*)

Wow can u believe this? Read on. Oh and BY THE WAY, I have been offered another position in the company, Collections!!! So, thanks to the Man above, I will not be getting laid off! On the downside of this, tomorrow is going to be my last day in that department, also meaning no more internet access over there. They actually expect some production over there, lol!! So now I only can rely on the library internet in the eves, but oh well, God is so good, who am I to complain? Until tomorrow, folks…my last post (regarding Father’s Day, of course) from my job….rest easy, my friends.

Hello? This is Admanjuk...I'm in Indonesia You know how when you  call a customer service number for whateva,  98.9 percent of the time, you get someone from Pakistan or India.  Cain't understand a dayumm thing they readin' off that script, and they understand NOTHIN' you say.   In most cases I end up hangin' up pissed off, and callin' back (2-3 times!)in the hopes of gettin' somebody I can talk to!  Usually … Read More

via DatGurlBenz~*


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