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Well everyone, as I sit here on this lazy Sunday afternoon, abou to call it a day at work, I wanted to touch on a personal subject, being left handed!! There are about 10-15% lefties in the world. For me personally, I believe I have adjusted well, considering I am the only lefty in my immediate family. Growing up, probably my biggest challenge at home was the ironing board position and the irons my Mom would buy that the cord was accommodating righties. Somehow or another, I managed. Oh, how can I forget about sitting in the desk at school with the writing board on the right!  Maybe out of the Also when my family eats out for dinner, I always sit on the left side, so my elbow doesn’t bump anyone else’s. Believe it or not, I DID play violin and the guitar when I was a kid!!! I just learned just like everyone else right handed. I was offered to have the strings restrung, I refused!! Yeah, playing softball was a b&*#ch in school, of COURSE they had no glove for lefties, now why would they do that lol!!! OK just a thought popped up, I did learn to knit left handed, I think the person who taught me was leftie, I’m not sure, it was soooo long ago!! OK my friends, another thought came to mind, when I was a kid, a girl who I was in a shouting match with, got herself a LITTLE too close to my personal space. Well I remember to the day that I faked like I was gonna hit her with my right but slammed the side of her head with a wicked punch with the left, I definitely used my left-handedness to my advantage, thanks to having to defend myself constantly against two older brothers, wow!!

If you’re not lefty you wouldn’t understand  the challenges we face on a daily basis. Being left handed can sometimes be a drag.  We are more prone to have allergies, migraines, and other environmental illnesses.  Left handed people are three times more likely than right handed people to become alcoholics and scientists speculate that it is because the right hemisphere of the brain has a lower tolerance for alcohol then the left side of the brain Why all the discrimination against lefties? Based on the standards of tradition, the right hand has always been preferred to the left.

Here is some info I gathered on the website

Facts About Left-Handed People:

Left-handed people are many a times at a disadvantage using tools designed for the right-handed. Well this is true, but today, there is a whole range of tools and equipment being designed for left-handed people. Many right-handed tools too are available, such that they can be molded to suit the needs of the left-handed craftsman. Even the computer mouse has been challenged in use and the touch pad provides the left-handed professional equal opportunity.

Left-handed people are high achievers. Yes. Research reveals that left-handed people are in fact high achievers. This is because their brains are structured to widen their abilities, an attribute that is genetic and on account of the enhanced governing of ‘language centers’ within the brain. A number of mathematical, artistic and sporting geniuses were and are left-handed.

Left-handedness is usually forced to right-handedness due to cultural impact. Sadly, this is the case across the globe. Many children are forced into right-handedness during the formative years. Cultural pressure is fast changing though due the impact of mass literacy on society.

Left-handed people have a shorter lifespan than right-handed counterparts. Statistics reveal that left-handed people are more likely to succumb to accident fatalities and other injuries that arise out of a state of ‘affliction’. This is mainly due to majority people in the world being right-handed and hence the overall design of utilities being designed to accommodate the majority. Left-Hander Syndrome is a condition that is seen in left-handed people who are forced to write with their right hand; thus causing a mental state of confusion.

Left-handed persons use visual stimulus to process information. Research reveals that people who are left-handed do not use the sequential processing style like their right-handed colleagues, to disseminate information. Instead they are good at applying themselves to multiple tasks with the help of the synthesis method of breaking down information and finding a solution.

But have no fear my fellow southpaws!!! Read on!!

Scholarships for Left Handed People
Left-handed people, as the name suggests, use their left hand and leg (i.e. the right hemisphere of the human brain) efficiently. They face many problems in day-to-day life, such as the inability to use certain equipment, and thus need to buy special tools. The only scholarship available for left-handed children is the one offered by Juniata College in Pennsylvania. The ‘Frederick and Mary F Buckley’ Scholarship of $1000 is granted to left-handed students. This scholarship program was started by Mary Francis Buckley in the year 1979 and till date it helped 40 students attend school.

Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship
Left-handed students can apply for the scholarship, after which they are screened to verify their left handedness. One might be asked to provide references of people who would confirm the prevalence of left handedness in him. Good academic performance and recommendations would help in increasing the chances of receiving the scholarship. The scholarship offered to a student can range from $1000 to $1500. It covers the expenses such as tuition fees and allowances (food, transportation, books, etc.).

Other Scholarships
To obtain scholarships, one should try to earn a respectable GPA. Financial need is the second criteria to judge a person for a scholarship. However, these are only few of the many aspects that govern the necessity to grant a scholarship. Left-handed students/people should focus on, understand and note down the various problems they face. The odds or hurdles encountered in daily life for the reason of being a left-handed person should be portrayed in a manner as to earn maximum leverage in obtaining a scholarship. However, it is also the responsibility of a scholarship seeker to be honest and present only the true problems.

In places around the world, some organizations and institutions do provide grants to cater for left-handed people. The community centers and NGOs could play an instrumental role to help earn scholarships for left handed people. One should however seek benefits for a proper and reasonable thing. A left-handed person should try his best to obtain the necessary benefits for his needs and betterment.


President Obama is left-handed!!

Famous Left-Handed People:

There are a number of famous left-handed people. The list includes:

Presidents of the United States of America: Harry S. Truman, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and the current President Barack Obama.

Legendary personalities: Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Fidel Castro, Helen Keller.

Musicians and Composers: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr.

Artists: Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci.

Actors: Charlie Chaplin, Tom Cruise, Robert DeNiro, Greta Garbo, Whoopie Goldberg, Cary Grant, Angelina Joli, Nicole Kidman, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe.

If you’ve been taught that left-handed people are in some way inferior to right-handed people it’s time to adjust your viewpoint. And if you are a left-handed person who was “trained” to be right-handed feel free to use either hand now. Times have changed. Thank goodness.

Some Christians believe that when judgement day arrives according to custom God blesses the saved with his right hand and casts out all the sinners out of Heaven with his left hand. Wow, I’ll have to beg to differ on that. I am a true Christian and believe I will be there on the ‘correct’ side when my day comes to meet my Maker. Amen!!


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  1. Way to go! I’m left-handed myself. We need to start a community or something, and have a gathering of the lefties.

    Comment by lessonsthatrock | May 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes!! Maybe there is a lefty blog somewhere out there, lol!

      Comment by melissavirgo | May 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. incredible insight information mel for as i too am left handed thanks for representing the finest quality and covering a wide range of valuable facts about us! God bless

    Comment by curtabrams | May 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Yep buddy, we lefties must stick together….stay in touch, my friend!!!

      Comment by melissavirgo | May 31, 2010 | Reply

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