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Isn’t That Unusual?

Hey everybody, I’m back!!! Sundays are about the best days I get the opportunity  to post since my job is to answer calls and well, Sundays are pretty slow. So with that being said, I have plenty time to paruse the net I stumbled across something that I found interesting, and I hope you do as well.

Here are some “unusuals” that I have found, hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

1. The World’s Most Unusual Plant(

1. Rafflesia arnoldii: this parasitic plant develops the world’s largest bloom that can grow over three feet across. The flower is a fleshy color, with spots that make it look like a teenager’s acne-ridden skin. It smells bad and has a hole in the center that holds six or seven quarts of water. The plant has no leaves, stems, or roots.

2. The World’s Most Unusual Building(

Haewoojae, Suwon, South Korea

Better known as the toilet-shaped house, this showcase of superior plumbing was built by Korean Assembly Representative Sim Jae-Duck—a.k.a. Mr. Toilet—and his World Toilet Organization. It’s intended to celebrate the cultural centrality of the toilet and raise awareness of the plight of the world’s toilet-less. “We should learn to go beyond seeing toilets as just a place for defecation,” the late Mr. Sim once said, “but also as a place of culture where people can rest, meditate and be happy.” And who can argue?

Wacky Washroom: The house has four toilets, including a spectacular central restroom with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that turn opaque when the facilities are in use, and a sound system that supplies a soothing classical soundtrack.

Toilet Shaped House, Korea

3. The World’s Most Unusual Hairy Creature(

The angora rabbit is a variety of domestic rabbit, one of the oldest. its origin is in ankara, turkey, along with the angora cat and angora goat. the rabbits were popular pets with french royalty in the mid 1700s, and spread to other parts of europe by the end of the century. they first appeared in the united states in the early 1900s.

angora rabbits are mostly calm and docile but should be handled carefully. they are largely bred for their silky and soft long wool, which may be removed by shearing or plucking (gently pulling loose wool). because they are prone to hairballs, they should be groomed everyday or every other day to prevent the fiber from matting and felting on the rabbit.

there are many individual breeds of angora rabbits, including, french, german, giant, english, satin, chinese, swiss, finnish, etc.


4. The World’s Most Unusual Meal(

Live Octopus (Sannakji)

 Unlike calamari which is still, octopus in South Korea often arrives at the table alive and moving.  The live baby octopus is cut up and served right away, usually with some sesame oil. Korean experts of the dish say it’s best to eat this dish quickly. The fun is the tentacles are still twisting, turning and fighting – which feels like hosting a party in your mouth as you attempt to chew them.

Dessert anyone?

Mans hand lifting a glass lid, revealing a live baby octopus

5. The World’s Most Unusual Tattoo(

That guy is going to scare a shitload of people with that spider tattoo!

Well, folks, my time is just about up here, it’s almost quitting time! Wow time sure flies when you’re having fun (oops I mean working so feverishly). Until next time, take care!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love crazy stuff like that. Its so fun and disturbing haha. Keep it up!

    Comment by madjac74 | April 25, 2010 | Reply

    • You’re more than welcome…keep reading, this is all new to me so it’s not always the most interesting topics but it Is what it Is!!! I have visited your page and will be keeping up on your postings as well. Take care!!

      Comment by melissavirgo | April 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. great research

    Comment by curtabrams | May 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks Curt, I learned a lot of that from you, believe it or not!!!

      Comment by melissavirgo | May 31, 2010 | Reply

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