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Update to my last post

Hey everyone, I have about an hour to kill so thought I’d just update you how everything is going with the Dell laptop situation. Well, yesterday I went to the the store early in the day because I was making hair product purchases while in the midst of running, you guessed it, more errands. So  I stopped by the counter where they sell the laptops/cellular phones and advised the guy behind the counter that I had the receipt and I’d be back.  Anyway, a little while later I did make it back, accompanied by my friend Curt, because I informed him that from now on, this was all on him to handle the situation since I get a little hot-headed myself, lol! So when we got to the counter, the gentleman advised me that the laptop is at the shop getting repaired for free.

Now, should I be surprise, Hell no!!! My son got his laptop on the 25th of February, as per that receipt. But I failed to mention that that was the SECOND laptop he got from this place. The first one had a problem of some sort. So in other words, the original laptop was purchased on the 25th and they traded it out for laptop #2. Then they wanted to try to insult our intelligence by trying to get us to pay additional money for getting it fixed, HA!!!  Well needless to say, a lesson well learned, and I hope that my son has learned one as well.

 If you are going to buy any type of electronic item (i.e a laptop, desktop, camera, even a cellular phone, for that matter) you might as well buy something like that from  a reputable store that stands by it’s product. Besides, it’s kind of like those crazy combo establishments that is a funeral parlor/daycare. Would I send my lil one to be watched at a funeral home, I think not.  You get the picture.  Until the next time, my friends, keep blogging. God bless!


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