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Today was a good day!

My son Treyvious!!!!

Trey hanging out

Well it’s Friday,  the day before the first day of Spring!!!! My morning started out pretty well. I didn’t roll outta bed until about 12 pm to start. Ran a few errands and then boogied on to my mom’s house to get my daughters.  They stayed with her during the Spring break(thanks Mom!)

I stopped by the lil hotspot where my son, Trey bought his used  laptop back a couple of weeks ago(I soooo don’t want to mention the name to protect the innocent, lol). He brought it to them last Friday, due to some kind of technical difficulties he was having. At this time, he won’t even step foot in their door because the owner of the establishment said to him during our conversation at the time, “Calm down, my friend”. Wow, y’all he never gets pissed but let me tell you, I’ve seen Trey pissed off….he’s throw MANY a tantrums, trust!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him sooo angry!!! Anywayyyysss… I went  in the store to check on the update. Well, the guy behind the counter tells me that his laptop is going to  cost $299 to fix!!! Oh, did I mention that the USED laptop costed $199 from that very store? He assured me that I could get it fixed at a discount price of $150. (Wtf I yelled out loud, lol!)Anyways, after a few expletives I belted out, the manager quickly came over and reassured me that  so long as I had the receipt and the purchase was made within 30 days, there was no problem getting the laptop fixed.  “Damn skippy,” I thought to myself, as I got into my van with my daughter to take her to her girlfriend’s house to spend the nite. Needless to say, my friends, it pays to KEEP YOUR RECIEPTS for at least the amount of time that the store says to keep for refund or exchange!!!! Also, before purchasing anything, be sure to read store policy, because some stores are adamant on final sales!!!!

So here I sit at  my Acebooncoon(some of y’all don’t know what that means and dammit don’t even ask, lol)Curtis’  laptop blogging while he is putting stuff on my new phone I bought today at Wal-mart in Tuscaloosa. I’m back to AT &T(shit, had it for at least 15 yrs prior) after I emigrated to Boostmobile for a minute.  So, that’s it for now, folks….my lil one is in her glory, playing b-ball with my hamper, omfg, the cats r going craaazy…and everyone else is chilling.  Well folks, that’s all for now….gnite and wishing u Gods’s speed!!!!

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